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Norwich Terrier
08-11-2012, 05:31 PM
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Norwich Terrier
[Image: image-411.jpg]

One of the smallest working terriers, the Norwich Terrier is bold, alert and sociable. It is affectionate and even-tempered around the home, adaptable to just about any living situation. Norwich Terriers get along with most everyone, especially playful children.

Norwich Terriers are trainable, but they are more likely to respond to a strong-willed teacher who keeps the commands clear and upbeat. They crave companionship and togetherness. Left alone for too long, whether indoors or in the yard, they can become bored, restless and out of sorts.

Norwich Terriers can live as long as 14 years with few genetic health problems; however, some may develop eye problems. They require very little grooming, but a daily brushing is recommended. Bathe only when necessary, since soap can remove the Norwich Terrier's weather-proofing.

[Image: image-412.jpg]

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